What is domain EPP code?

The EPP key (Authorization code) or secret code is one of the safeguards against unauthorized transfers of domain name registrations and it protects your rights as a domain owner. The EPP key is required when transferring .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .us domain names from 1 to others company. It is not possible to initiate a domain name transfer for these domains without an EPP code.

This code very important for all. So my suggestion is asked your domain company if you register domain under them they provide your EPP or secret code? Also ask them if you want to transfer domain to others company they accept it?

If you already register a domain under one company asked them what is your domain EPP or secret code?

What happen if you not take this at first?

For example – you register a domain 2 years before under one company & your domain already get 2 – 5 Google rank in that case your domain price is going high ($50 – $500 or more you can sell it) because it’s have rang or good back link or good visitor. Some company take the opportunity try to deny the domain registrar or owner to give it when owner try to transfer it.

so what happen if you loss your domain

1) You work for your domain 2 years or more just loss your time

2) Loss you 2 years domain price

3) If you have EPP or secret code & domain register company accept transfer option you can sell you domain any time. If you have good google rank like 2 – 5 or more you can sell it minimum $50 – $1000 USD. So you also loss it.

4) If your Domain have good google rank with good visitor you can earn using it from your website. When your domain or website visitor increase that means your dally product sell increase. If you use Google AdSense you also can earn $100 – $200 month using single domain. SO you also loss it.

5) If you know domain secret or EPP code that means you are the right owner of that domain. So you also loss your domain power.

But sichost provide you all the information about your domain when you want it. If you want transfer your domain from our company to others company we unlock your domain when you tell us. So you save your money, domain name & all others. You have all the power about your domain.

If you have register domain under our company just inform us using your client area account details as a prove you are the owner of that domain we send domain EPP or secret code to you.

Note : So be careful from others company when you register a domain.

We provide your domain information when you want from us. We also accept domain transfer.